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Your input is essential to develop a plan that is responsive to your needs. Comments and feedback are welcome at any time. The contact information for the project team can be found here

The University Community Plan Update Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the University Community Planning Group, which is the City's recognized citizens' group for the University Community. This subcommittee was created specifically for the Community Plan Update in order to provide feedback to the City regarding the process.


University Community Plan Update Subcommittee (CPUS)

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NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, February 21st at 6 p.m. Check back later for more details.

Note on Revised Land Use Scenarios

This updated and most recent iteration of the proposed land use scenarios (click here to view) is one of a series of continual iterations based on the feedback received on each iterative scenario. These scenarios reflect a recalibration of the planned density to reflect a current understanding of development opportunities and constraints. Based on feedback received, certain areas show increased densities. Other areas have been recalibrated to ensure take into account development constraints, such as existing condo ownership and restrictive use easements. These are not final development scenarios and the Planning Department welcomes additional feedback and new information regarding future development potential on sites, in particular west of I-5. This feedback will be used prior to the release of any Draft Community Plan.

Please e-mail input to Nancy Graham at

University CPU Meetings

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