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Plan Documents & Meeting Materials

Plan Documents

Second Draft of the University Community Plan

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The second draft of the University Community Plan was circulated for review from March 14, 2024 to April 29, 2024

Discussion Draft of the University Community Plan

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The University Community Plan Discussion Draft is the first draft of the University Community Plan that was circulated for review from April 4, 2023 to June 30, 2023

Discussion Draft Summary of Changes ("Edits Digest")    

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A summary of changes between the Discussion Draft and 

Draft plans. 

Adopted Land Use Report.JPG

Community Atlas    click here

The University Community Atlas explains what the community looked like in 2018, such as what the zoning, the economy, open spaces and other conditions were when the CPU process began. It serves as a resource as the University CPU is created.

Proposed Mobility Networks    click here

These boards depict the proposed mobility networks as of 2022. Updated networks posted upon completion. 

Mobility Existing Conditions Report    click here

The University Mobility Existing Conditions Report summarizes the existing conditions within the community for all modes of transportation and identifies potential deficiencies and conflicts that could be addressed through future changes in the transportation network.

Draft Mobility Corridor Concepts   click here

These concept sheets identify the proposed corridor concepts for the top 10 corridors in the community as of 2022. 

Adopted Plan (1987) Land Use Buildout Report   click here

This analysis provides an overview of the remaining development intensity within the Adopted Community Plan. 

2019 Online Survey Report    click here

The survey conducted in 2019 focused on identifying community priorities and recommendations for mobility, housing, nonresidential development, and parks and public spaces within the Planning Area.

2019 Online Survey Report - Appendix    click here

This report appendix provides a complete overview of responses received within the survey. 

Subregional Employment Area Profile  click here

This draft report provides an overview of the trends and employment demand within the subregional employment area.

Market Demand Analysis   click here

This analysis provides an overview of the projected need for commercial and non-residential square feet.

Geotechnical and Geologic Hazard Evaluation  click here

This report identifies geotechnical and geologic hazards within the area. 

Water and Wastewater Technical Study    click here

This report provides a high-level assessment of the water distribution and wastewater collection systems of the area.

Hydrology and Water Quality Report   click here

This report describes the hydrology, existing storm drainage, and storm water quality conditions of the area. 

2022 Choose Your Future! Outreach Summary   click here

This report outlines the in-person and virtual outreach activities and results from the Online Engagement Platform, Choose Your Future!, conducted in October and November 2021.

View the print version, here. 

Urban Design Framework     click here

This brief urban design framework document describes the fundamental elements and key recommendations needed for achieving high-quality design in the built environment of the community.

Noise Analysis   click here

This report summarizes the noise conditions of the area. 

Air Quality Analysis   click here

This report summarizes the air quality conditions of the area. 

Maps & Graphics

Community Plan Area 

Community Plan Area_1.24.2022-02.png

CPU Focus Areas

Focus Areas_1.24.2022-02.png

View land use scenarios that have been under consideration up to the draft University Community Plan 2024.

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