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Plan Documents & Meeting Materials

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Plan Documents

Community Atlas    click here

The University Community Atlas serves as the existing conditions document of the CPU. 

Mobility Existing Conditions Report    click here

This report details the mobility existing conditions for the University Community Plan Area. 

Online Survey Report    click here

The survey conducted in 2019 focused on identifying community priorities and recommendations for mobility, housing, nonresidential development, and parks and public spaces within the Planning Area.

Adopted Land Use Report.JPG

Adopted Plan (1987) Land Use Buildout Report   click here

This analysis provides an overview of the remaining development intensity within the Adopted Community Plan. 

Online Survey Report - Appendix    click here

This report appendix provides a complete overview of responses received within the survey. 

Market Demand Analysis   click here

This analysis provides an overview of the projected need for commercial and non-residential square feet.

Proposed Mobility Networks    click here

These boards depict the proposed mobility networks as of March 2020. Updated networks posted upon completion. 

Draft Mobility Corridor Concepts   click here

These concept sheets identify the proposed corridor concepts for the top 10 corridors in the community as of March 2021. 

Maps & Graphics

Community Plan Area 

Community Plan Area_1.24.2022-02.png

CPU Focus Areas

Focus Areas_1.24.2022-02.png

Meeting Materials


January 2021 - Public Facilities and Safety Goals Agenda Draft Public Facilities and Safety Goals Presentation February 2021 - Mobility Goals and Draft Corridor Concepts Agenda Draft Mobility Goals Proposed Mobility Corridor Concepts Presentation Feedback Form March 2021 - Urban Design Concepts I Agenda Presentation April 2021 - Urban Design Concepts II Agenda Presentation May 2021 - Housing Overview Agenda Presentation June 2021 - Urban Design Concepts III Agenda Presentation July 2021 - Urban Design Concepts IV Agenda Presentation August 2021 - No Meeting September 2021 - Land Use Concepts & Engagement Platform Review Agenda Presentation


January 2020 - Adopted Land Use, Housing, Urban Design, & Mobility Corridors Agenda Presentation February 2020 - Forum on Land Use & Economic Prosperity No UCPUS Meeting Agenda Presentation Framework Diagrams Breakout Group Discussion Notes Breakout Group Discussion Notes - Images of Flip Charts March 2020 - Mobility Vision Beginning in March 2020, the University CPU Subcommittee meetings were held virtually. Please review the information provided, which includes meeting recordings and report outs, and direct any comments or questions to the project manager, Katie Witherspoon, at KatieW@sandiego.gov. Presentation PDF Comment Card Network Map Boards Agenda for Recorded Presentation April 2020 - Housing & Economic Trends, Urban Design Framework, & Forum Feedback Agenda Presentation PDF May 2020 - Focus Area Vision Meeting Part I Agenda: May 19, 2020 Presentation Meeting Part II Agenda: June 2, 2020 Presentation June 2020 - Parks & Recreation Discussion Agenda Presentation - PDF Mentimeter Polling Results July 2020 - Open Space, Habitat, & Trails Discussion Agenda Presentation PDF August 2020 No Meeting September 2020 - Open Space & Conservation Goals Agenda Draft Open Space & Conservation Goals What is a....Vision, Guiding Principle, Goal, Policy Presentation PDF October 2020 - Economic Prosperity Goals Agenda Draft Economic Prosperity Goals Presentation - PDF November 2020 No Meeting December 2020 Agenda Draft Adopted Plan Buildout Report Presentation - PDF


January 2019 Agenda February 2019 Agenda Open House Summary Open House Comment Card Summary Open House Mobility Comments Open House Park Comments Open House Activity Comments Open House Activity Board Photos Presentation March 2019 Agenda Presentation Public Vision & Goals Exercise Issue Priority Exercise Public Participation Notes April 2019 Agenda Presentation Mapping Exercise - Group Maps Mapping Exercise - Group Discussion Notes Comment Cards 04.16.19 May 2019 Agenda Presentation Item 2 – Sustainability Department Home Page Item 2 – 2018 Climate Action Plan Annual Report Half Card Item 3 – Subregional Employment Area Profile (Working Draft) – Mira Mesa & University Community Plan Updates Item 3 – University Community Market Demand Analysis – Keyser Marston Associates, Inc. Item 3 – Evaluation of Potential Impacts of Collocation – Keyser Marston Associates, Inc. June 2019 Agenda Presentation Item 2 – Draft Vision Statement & Guiding Principles (UCPUS Revision 05/21/19) July 2019 Agenda Presentation Mobility Existing Conditions Report Mobility Existing Conditions Report Appendices Draft Vision Statement and Guiding Principles August 2019 No Meeting September 2019 Agenda Presentation Online Survey Brochure Online Survey Report (Full) Online Survey Report Appendix - Comments DRAFT Land Use Focus Areas - Opportunity Maps October 2019 Agenda Presentation DRAFT Updated Focus Areas Comments on Focus Area Maps (September 17, 2019) Pictures of Focus Area Map Comments (September 17, 2019) November 2019 Agenda Presentation Urban Design & Public Realm - Handout Meeting Activity Feedback Form DRAFT Focus Areas Land Use & Transit UCP Mobility Activity Report December 2019 No Meeting