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Community Engagement

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University Community Plan Update


The City of San Diego is updating the University Community Plan, adopted in 1987. The updated Community Plan will consider current conditions, Citywide goals in the Climate Action Plan and the General Plan, and community specific goals to provide direction for the long-term development of the community. The University Community Plan Update will be a collaborative process with ongoing opportunities for public input. During the update process, Planning Department staff will work with the University community and the public to identify and consider important questions, issues, and opportunities including:

  • What opportunities exist to reinforce the community's role as a major employment center?

  • How can the community's future be planned to capitalize on the transit improvements coming to University?

  • How can we provide a variety of housing options within the community?

  • What strategies will facilitate meeting long-term Climate Action Plan goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions?

  • How can connections between key destinations be enhanced throughout the community?

  • What opportunities exist to foster a place to live, work, and play?


The Process


The process to develop the University Community Plan Update will be collaborative and include a number of opportunities for public input. The City will form and meet on a regular basis with the University Community Planning Group’s Community Plan Update Subcommittee, public workshops will be conducted, and opportunities to share your input online will be available at key milestones in the planning process. The result of this process will be a new draft Community Plan for University. An Environmental Impact Report will also be prepared to assess the potential environmental impacts of implementing the plan, along with necessary mitigation measures.




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